Thursday, March 21, 2013


Well. I did it.

I made a blog. It finally happened.
I'm famous among myself for being late to things. And by that I mean trends and fads like Facebook and reddit, but I suppose parties and job interviews as well. Just everything. I'm late to everything. I never even got a myspace.
Anyway, I should have gotten one a long time ago. I'm the blogger type. I've been spouting inane and useless information that nobody cares about, opinions that nobody wanted or needed to hear, and whines that can be easily fixed for the better part of since I was 13. And it hasn't gone away now that I'm in college.
So, I suppose this is going to be my more public face, for potential employers, family members, potential family members, and family employers to use to get to know me, as well as for strangers to read my opinions on things, provided they're masochists. But mainly it is to be used as a way to keep all the stupid shit I say in one place for people to easily access so I don't have to constantly throw it in everyone's face. This is the blog most of the people I know are going to watch. I was planning on getting a Tumblr for more intimate material, but I don't know how it works. In fact I think I just broke a cardinal rule by mentioning it. Where do I post page-long rants about movies? Also I don't have a lot of intimate material.

For those who don't know, I have this to say. If you want to get to know a fascinating person you have never met, if you want to make a personal connection with a fellow blogger over the internet, and if you are waiting with held breath to understand my deep, personal thoughts and feelings...

...then you came to the wrong-ass place. I'll probably just get another blog for that shit. You know, thoughts and feelings and what-not. Those things people have.
No, this blog is about important stuff, like movies. And comic books, and popular culture. I may be wrong, who knows. Maybe someday I'll be remiss in my duties and come on here to cry about being dumped or getting fired or having an undercooked sandwich (I'm not making fun of people who have blogs like that, but they have far more interesting lives than I do), but I can guarantee there is going to be a lot more me getting angry or happy at films than anything else.

But, for those who need an introduction, my names Ryan. I like movies, and comics, and video games, and women, and sharks, and dinosaurs. I fancy myself a writer in much the same way I fancy myself a superhero; I've taken necessary steps to make it happen, but in the end I'm about as much of one as you are, and I often wear underwear outside my pants. You know, like writers do. Occasionally I do standup and improv comedy. I swear to god its only a little worse than this.
Anyway, where to begin?

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